Concrete Mix Types

Wondering which type of concrete mix you should buy for your project? Learn here about the different types of concrete and how they are used.

Regular/All-Purpose Concrete Mix

Regular, or all-purpose, concrete mix is the cheapest type of concrete mix available for purchase, typically a mixture of Portland cement, concrete, and water. This type is commonly used for residential projects. It takes anywhere from 30-90 minutes for normal concrete mix to set and can be as strong as 4000 PSI. Example projects include sidewalks or driveways.

Fast-Setting Concrete Mix

Fast-setting concrete mix is just like regular/all-purpose concrete mix, however it sets much faster, in 20-40 minutes. There is no mixing involved with fast-setting concrete mix and it can achieve a strength of 3000 PSI in just a few hours.

High Strength Concrete Mix

High strength concrete mix is generally classified as having a PSI of over 6000 pounds per square inch. It is a commercial-grade mix that is typically used in high-rise buildings, parking structures, and infrastructural projects.

Ready-Mix concrete

Ready-mix concrete is pre-mixed off-site and delivered to you in a concrete truck. This can save you a lot of time, howwever it is costly and not suitable for small projects.

Crack-Resistant Concrete Mix

Crack-resistant concrete mix is a commercial-grade high-strength concrete mix that has been pre-blended with synthetic fibers. These fibers add tensile strength to the concrete in order to reduce surface shrinkage cracking. This type of concrete mix eliminates the need to use wire mesh, has greater impact resistance, and is a great option for sidewalks and floors. It typically has a PSI of 4000 pounds per square inch.